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Women are at risk of Heart Disease Too!

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is not just a man's disease. In some ways it can have more adverse effect on women's long term health than men.

According to British Heart Foundation, Australia when it comes to heart health, many women either don't care enough of often put the needs of their family above themselves. Moreover, they are far less likely to seek medical attention, take medication on time and make necessary lefestyle changes to improve their health.

Some heart disease risk are uniquely associated with women such as certain complications during the pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia (elevated blood pressure during pregnancy), gestational diabetes (elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy). These complications can affect women's heart health at a later stage of life. 

If you experienced any of these complications during your pregnancy, let your doctor know so they can look out for heart disease as well.

Let's Talk About Signs of Heart Disease in women

Below is an easy guide (Infographic) to Heart Disease in women in simple and conservational urdu.It explains heart attack symptoms but also various other symptoms that can manifest before attack. Knowing these signs can help women to better take care of their health. But above all most important thing women women can do is to seek medical help right away. For consultation visit our Cardiology clinic or make an appointment online today.